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Crusher manufacturers should try to avoid malignant price war
15-12-2017, 10:43 AM
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Crusher manufacturers should try to avoid malignant price war
The low situation of mining machinery, the limits national policy, the great competition of quarry crusher manufacturer and the decrease of market demand all that reasons led to malignant price war in mining industry.
One thing has its dual characters, positive and negative, market economy is no exception, it has advantages and disadvantages. Under the market economy environment, unfair competition is more and more obviously. Although seemingly calm, but in reality it is simmering. Every crusher manufacturer was tried their best to cutting prices. However, that is not too simple as you can see, because the malignant price war has destroyed the balance of market economy in Henan mining machinery.
Of course, as a strong quarry crusher manufacturer, we sticks to do international business depend on itself brand and strength, what's more, we successfully avoid the price war. And as a pretty famous manufacturer, we suggests that only with a low price to win the customer is not desirable, we should pay more attention to quality and cost. Reasonable price, better quality and good after-sale service can keep your company develop great.
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